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newgrowthso the time has come

to remove the dead and decaying that

has become useless  and aged

that in its prime, bloomed brilliant

violet and orange

and brought  kings to their knees

and princes to tears

as we kneel

we work our hands into

the soil and wonder

who’s hands

we may have taught

to do this chore next year,

someone with love and mom

we hope

and we understand

new life


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Another Christmas, Friend

don’t get your tinsel in a tangle,
and your knuckles in a knot
it’s just another Christmas, friend
no reason to be distraught

set ye in a rocking chair
and just watch the crazy commotion
while this friend does the same
as she stares out at the ocean

We’ve been thru holidays together
and we’ve been thru them apart
you would think that at our age
we’d know the drill by heart

This friend in South Carolina
is wishing you calm and peace
it’s just another Christmas, friend
and we’ll meet down on the beach

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The earth, dry, stone wrought, tired with dismay

A kindly old forgotten man passing on his way

who stopped and crumbled, dust, not loom,

whose nails shown earth filled gray

A man whose heart began to beat

when the strength of earth was beneath his feet

and so he walked away

soon returned with tools hand made

he began to love this ground

and caress it tenderly

until new earth

was found

he turned, hoed and sifted here

and pushed small seeds deep down

and smoothing tops of each canal t’was made so profound

with sun and rain the old man watched and nursed life on its way

he stood with tear filled eye’s, a smile of grace, when the earth gave forth in way

A green bud of sincerity showed through the earth’s sweet life and

the petals colorful, the pride of an old man’s strife

and soon a full bloomed flower stood, with loveliness of pride

a gift unto his love

above the earth

for she had long since died

~ Jaedra Diamond ~

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